A managed backendfor your React apps

Low friction integration

Copy-paste 3 lines of setup code, to have a fully managed backend, ready to securely store you app data. Customize as you go.

Minimal learning curve

Don't waste time learning another library. Use the patterns universally loved by React developers.

Plug and Play Authentication

Use magic-links to instantly authenticate users. All data written to the application is stored securely in a sandboxed "user-space"

Build powerful queries

Instantly query all your app data, from all your app users using Cloud Queries. Access the results with React hooks.
# install our open-source CLI
curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/usecloudstate/cli/main/install.sh | sh
// 1. Import our client libraries
import { CloudStateClient } from "@usecloudstate/react-core";
import { AuthProvider, config } from "@usecloudstate/react-web";

// 2. Initialize the client with your App Id
export const client = new CloudStateClient("<APP ID>", config);

function App() {
  // 3. Drop in our plug-and-play magic-link AuthProvider
  return (
      <AuthProvider client={client} />
      <Form />

function Form() {
  // 4. Start saving data to the backend. Just like useState().
  const [name, setName] = 
    client.hooks.useCloudState("user.name", "");
  const [location, setLocation] = 
    client.hooks.useCloudState("user.location", "");
  return (
        onChange={e => setName(e.target.value)} />
        onChange={e => setLocation(e.target.value)} />

Let your existing appsave user datain 4 steps