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Covert your own storage into
a fast, secure, key-value store
over the network


BYO Storage

Think of us as a distributed write-through cache. Bring any storage layer you want, and we expose an interface over the network that converts your storage into a key-value store.We don't store your data, unless you explicitly ask us to cache it.


Fast, and Batteries Included

We take care of caching, eventual replication, and debouncing.This allows us to speed up relatively slow storage layers, and load shed efficiently, without losing data.


Secure by default

We work with just distributed encrypted tokens for access control.We permanently delete the data you send us after we replicate it to your storage.Your credentials and data are never permanently stored in our servers.Managed version operates on the same open-sourced core (coming soon) that you can verify for yourself.

Provision in Seconds

Simply tell us where to store your data, and we give you a token and endpoints that you can use to GET and PUT your data, within seconds.

...and more being built each week

Start for free, and scale as you need

Simple, request-based pricing

Price per 100K Reads$0.02
Price per 100K Writes$1
Price per Token$0
Minimum Spend$0

...or deploy on your own compute

On-premise hosting

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